Director Of Engineering at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Program: Mentoringový stůl s Danou Embree

Another one of our lovely mentors is Dana Embree who is the Director of Engineering at Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, and one of our ambassadors as well. Dana is an outgoing person and her spontaneity is the reason many people are drawn to her. She works in engineering, which is not that typical for a woman. Even more, she leads people, and people connect with her. WHY? Maybe because she challenges her colleagues to build snowmen during the lunch break in the winter, she goes bike riding with her colleagues although she never learned to ride a bike, and she hikes and travels all around the world. She has led numerous people over the last 20 years, has an incredible sense of humour, and got to the Czech republic by chance. How does it feel to be an expat in a country where you don‘t know anybody? How do you make friends and feel at home here? You can learn more at her mentoring table…

Dana Embree is a European-American mix – born and raised in Romania, lived in America for 20 years, and is now back in Europe: Germany for 6 months, then Czech Republic for the last 2 years.

číst více

On a professional level, Dana has been with her current employer, Emerson, for 20 years, and this is her fourth location (first 2 in America, then Germany, and now CZ).  Emerson is an American company, which employs more than 76 000 employees, and has over 200 manufacturing locations around the world; they manufacture products and provide engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

On a personal level, Dana loves life and is involved in volunteering for several causes she cares about.  She enjoyed America, but loves being a European again.