Is vulnerability a weakness? When the question is asked like this, most of us disagree. We know that being vulnerable is a very uncomfortable place, yet we sense there is more to it…. We can all agree, perhaps, that vulnerability is rare. We do not dare it too often and not with just anyone. It is something we all know but are afraid to show too much. Why is that? Are we really that afraid we will get hurt? Could it be that we do not understand fully, what our vulnerability actually brings into our lives? Lets be curious together.

In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between vulnerability and courage and human connection.
Based on powerful research outcomes from Dr. Brené Brown, we will immerse in our own vulnerability traps – where are we vulnerable and why? What myths we tell ourselves about being vulnerable? How do we protect ourselves from vulnerability? And finally, what happens when all the armoury goes down and all there is left is just us, vulnerable but real. What can be there to make it worthwhile?
Come prepared for the real stuff…